Monday, 26 November 2012

List 3: Tiers of Joy

Somewhat strangely I have never used a tier list, whether playing Trolls or Cygnar.  I don't really know why; whenever I play against them I am always very impressed with the bonuses they receive and sometimes shocked by the power level of what I always assume to be the 'fluffy gamer's' option.  Recently Jamie P has given me a number of object lessons in the power of the EVayl Tier 4, I have played tournament games against the EKaya Tier and the crazy EButcher Doomreaver spam. I decided it was time that I too joined what seemed to me to be quite a unique corner of the warmahordes universe.

In an even weirder twist, I found myself in a position of wanting a fun list to play.  Sacrilegious as it sounds, (fun coming before power, what the hell is happening?) I had come off the back off my PHaley testing and was so so bored of the static gunline style she lends herself to.  As always when I am stuck for ideas I flail around myself for a while and then I ring Jamie.  He knew where I was up to and had been spending the last month joyfully kicking the crap out of my pretty poor performances with Seige and the Nemo's.  He suggested Kraye; a caster I had considered and discarded, but he pointed me in the direction of the Tier 4 variant, a list that had become a little more popular after it was used to win the Gencon Hardcore and he promised me that if nothing else it would make for a fun break.

A revelation then occurred.  I am now in love with this list, it is simply far too much fun.  Early iterations included such comedy options as 4 Hunters dancing around and my vain attempts to shoehorn in a Stormwall until I settled on what seems to be a pretty common Jack load out.  The list as it stands is;



Because it is tier 4 I get some seriously good bonuses.  I like being able to place forests and walls in anticipation of where I will be moving to in the first 2 turns.  What I really love though is that almost the entire list is AD.  All the Heavies, the Hunters and the Rangers will advance deploy, leaving just Kraye, the Sentinel and the B13 to be placed during normal deployment.

I was desperate for a list that offered me some tabletop comedy.  It doesn't get any more amusing than performing ride by double handed throws, or running a Stormclad 20 inches. The thing is, it's also pretty good...

It can deal with high def infantry through a combination of Guided Fire, the Cyclone, Sentinal, B13 and plenty of Rangers.  It can crack armour with two powerful 'reach' heavies.  It can assassinate with some serious movement shenanigans and a great melee feat.  It is good against knockdown casters, it can deal with stealth, it can compete in scenario play with a tough nut Centurion parking up in zones.

On the whole, it does most of the stuff I want a list to do and is quite seriously competitive. It's not what I expected that difficult 3rd list to be, but I am glad that I was shown the light.

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